Friday, January 20, 2006

Note from Martin to reflect on

Now you are interested to market books from India worldwide and I am happy to hear this.

I already have an online store which I've developed over much time with much effort but I am just letting it be and not giving full attention to it as I have other projects seeding.

At this stage I would not sell a share of VB but I would sell an interest in a profit-share agreement in exchange for you running the store and managing it. It would entail :

1.) Updating and managing stock and pricing
2.) Managing and overseeing orders
3.) Regular (monthly) customer newsletter with new releases and links to nice sites articles etc.
4.) Markting of site and products worldwide

What came to mind so that it would immediatly benifit you was that we would work it on the following basis :

You would pay a small ammount and thus would become profit sharer and manager of VB, and profit sharer with Vedic Books. The ammount that came to mind was GBP 501.08. This is a show of comitment from your side and also a confirmation of the agreement. It will be used as a donation for Vedic Society charitable projects and also for ongoing website expenses. I've invested a large sum in developing the site and getting everything going so this would give you the right to be a partner and I would train you and share you with all information managing.

Marketing and generating sales would be your department. I would help as you need be as a consultant.

Profits would be shared 50/50 and this is on gross profit so you don't worry with developer charges, hosting, traffic etc. and any other of the behind the scenes. The sales go through my merchant facility via Vedic Society in the UK and after 4 weeks enter my bank account. You would know our cost in USD per order and our profit in USD per order and thus would get 50% and I 50%.

Thus say if book sales for a month are $1000 and profit is $500, you would get $250 for that month and so forth. Calculated and paid monthly into your account from my Barclays account on last day of each month.

You would run the store entirely which would need some time each day to really build it up and get it out there.

You could also manage pricing, specials etc. as you feel fit.

If an enhancement is needed to the store, the developers could arrange as need be.

Once the site is really running well and doing a good monthly turnover you could even hire someone to manage it and have residual income and focus on other projects.

It would need at least a year to get it to maximum potential. I will guide you as need be. We would do it on a trial basis for a year. After this period you can evaluate it from your side and myself same.

I would also share with you all leads and contacts I have who need books worldwide. I am not a sales person and my main wish with VB is to maket his knowledge available and accessable. Actually the store has a vast potential, yet untapped.


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