Thursday, January 19, 2006


Dear Nathan,

I do like the idea of being involved with selling Indian books.
It feels like a good action to perform and I am sure I can be involved in
some way.

I now have 2 extra staff and a web design lady.
I am also going to the largest trade show in the USA in mid March in
California - working a stall with 2 friends.

Can individual orders be made or would it be necessary to carry stock of
books in USA?
If individual sales are possible how long would delivery take to USA from
date of order?
How much for typical delivery?
Liked the site but would like picturers of books - will these be provided?

We now have the Acupeds available and I am pleased with the response and
quality of product
Dealer price will be 95 cents a pad - retail prices are on

Blessings to you - I just finished a week long course in Tantra yoga.
It was extraordinary in that it opened up a new universe.
Did not lessen my appreciation for non-dual stillness but showed that there
was also room for meaningful play.



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